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We offer a wide range of vaccinations at the surgery including:

  • Childhood vaccinations

  • Flu vaccinations 

  • Hepatitis B vaccines

  • Vaccination against certain types of pneumonia

  • Vaccinations during pregnancy

  • Varicella vaccination (chicken pox)

  • Shingrex  vaccine (shingles)

We know having vaccines of any kind can be daunting and we try to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Buzzy® is a breakthrough pain blocker that provides natural pain relief in seconds and can be used when administering childhood immunisations. Buzzy is a medication free device that can ease pain by using vibrations and ice to desensitise the area. For more information about any of our vaccines, or if you do not see a vaccine on the list which you might need, please contact our nurse.

Please note that we are not administering Covid boosters in the Surgery at this time. If you are eligible you can receive your booster from the HSE or with certain pharmacies. For more information click here

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