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Full health check

A full health screen is a comprehensive health check up carried out by the doctor and the nurse. It gives a good overall view of your general health. It will consist of an online questionnaire, a number of (non-invasive) tests including:

An ECG (heart tracing) test, Blood testing to check including full blood count (can detect infection, anaemia as well as gives a good indication of overall health) thyroid function, liver function, Cholesterol. The doctor or nurse will also carry out a Urinalysis test (urine check). This test can help diagnose diabetes, certain kidney and liver disorders, certain metabolic conditions and urinary infections. You will also have your blood pressure taken, discuss diet and lifestyle and the doctor may order additional tests if indicated.

Often when attending a doctor there can be a lot of information to take in at once this is why when your results are ready you will receive an easy to read, printable, detailed report explaining your results and what they mean

You can book an appointment by phoning the Surgery on 0719321140. Please ensure you specify you wish to have the full health screen so we can be sure to give you enough time for your appointment.

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